About YOP-X

The Young Onset Parkinson’s Exchange (YOP-X) provides an innovative App and online resources to act as an information portal for those living with young onset Parkinson’s. YOP-X also provides a fast track for people with young onset Parkinson's to collect and collate information relevant to their NDIS applications, and acts as a valuable workforce tool for NDIS staff and health professionals.


Evidence from people with young onset Parkinson’s suggested a lack of information, education and understanding of the condition, symptoms, progression and supports to allow for social, community and economic participation. Information and support  was not well targeted for the under 65 age group with Parkinson’s, and was  not accessible for people with competing demands such as employment, family and school commitments, sport, social events and activities or those who live outside of metropolitan and major regional centres. 

Another issue highlighted was the importance of NDIS and other health professionals being able to meet the needs of clients living with young onset Parkinson’s by understanding the condition, symptoms, issues and the supports available that enable clients to participate in family, work, social and recreational life. YOP-X provides an opportunity for NDIS staff and other health professionals to explore the issues faced by people living with young onset Parkinson’s, through their own personal experiences.

YOP-X works to remove barriers preventing clients, NDIS staff and other health professionals, to accessing high quality tools and resources regarding young onset Parkinson’s, and provides targeted delivery of information through online and App-based platforms suited to people under the age of 65.