Young onset Parkinson’s isn’t just physical symptoms. Non-motor symptoms can be more detrimental to someone with YOPD. I have been working with young onset Parkinson’s for about 3 years and I’m still working. I haven’t told my employer and co-workers.

The most debilitating issues with regards to my working capacity are fatigue/lack of sleep, anxiety and depression, problem solving and memory issues, speech and communication. Most difficult in the morning. Particularly if my meds haven’t been as effective. Strategies or techniques that may be helpful to support me to stay in the workforce longer could include flexibility to work around fluctuating symptoms, enhanced employer understanding of the impacts of young onset Parkinson’s, reduced hours and working from home. A formal process has not been undertaken to determine my work capacity and support requirements but this would be useful. My capacity is limited on occasions.

I disclosed at my last workplace and was “managed out” because I was deemed to have not been handling my workload. I did not seek advice about my rights as an employee.