Being in an intimate relationship is very important to me. I am currently in an intimate relationship, and I feel differently about intimacy than before I was diagnosed. Too tired to care. I am experiencing physical barriers to a satisfying intimate relationship. Orgasm has no intensity. I am experiencing emotional barriers to a satisfying intimate experiencing relationship. No time for myself leads to resentment. I have not undertaken any treatments that have impacted positively or negatively on my relationship, for example medications or procedures such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). The factors impacting on my ability to have an intimate relationship are a reluctance to ask for help, fatigue, lack of sleep, depression, stress, guilt, a feeling of being overwhelmed, the impact of changes in independence, parenting concerns, worry about the future, legal concerns, tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, difficulty with coordinating movement and negative body image. I have experienced a lack of sexual desire, changes in sexual function, difficulty in reaching an orgasm and feelings of reduced relationship intimacy. Strategies I have found useful or may find useful include changing the time of the day when sex is possible and scheduling sexual activity for when medication is working. I feel that it would be useful for the App to provide free access to a Relationship Therapist for online advice specifically in relation to young onset Parkinson’s. I would like a Relationship Therapist to know about young onset Parkinson’s and that there are very real physical barriers. We should be asking children what do they feel they are missing out on.