Employers should know that the tiredness of having young onset Parkinson’s is overwhelming at times along with anxiety about your life as well as it being part of the disease. I continued to work for 7 years after diagnosis and I am no longer working. I felt supported by my employer/co-workers. The most debilitating issues with regards to my working capacity were slowness of movement, fatigue/lack of sleep, muscle stiffness/rigidity, standing/walking, handwriting, anxiety and depression. Evenings were more difficult than other times of the day. I worked shift work as a Nurse. Strategies or techniques that may have been helpful to support me to stay in the workforce longer could have included flexibility to work around fluctuating symptoms, enhanced employer understanding of the impacts of young onset Parkinson’s, the removal of specific tasks, a hands free phone and reduced hours. A formal process was not undertaken to determine my work capacity and support requirements but I guess this would have been useful. I probably should’ve told my employer earlier. I didn’t seek advice about my rights as an employee.