NDIS Carer Statement Guide


Primary Support Person/Carer Statement 

A Primary Support Person/Carer Statement can be a valuable supporting document for your NDIS application, to demonstrate everyday difficulties you experience through the eyes of the person who supports you. It is written by the person who is your primary support, for example your spouse, partner, housemate, best friend or sibling, to provide additional details of how young onset Parkinson’s is impacting on your life and the lives of those around you. 

Information for your Primary Support Person/Carer

There are no rules for writing an impact statement except to be honest. For example, if you are toileting your partner and it impacts negatively on your attraction to them, then include this in the letter. Think to yourself, what is the activity? What is the impact on you, your relationship and family, your wellbeing, your quality of life and your mental health? Remember, this is not a critical statement about your loved one, but rather it is showing NDIS how caring can impact you.

1. Name of Primary Support Person/Carer 

2. Name of Person You Are Supporting 

3. Type of Disability

4. Impact area:

  • Daily Living 
  • Employment 
  • Functioning in the Home  
  • Relationships, Sex and Intimacy 
  • Health and Well-being  
  • Learning  
  • Social and Community Participation  
  • Choice and Control