Tailor your access to information and support depending on where you are on your journey with young onset Parkinson’s.


You may have been recently diagnosed or have been managing your symptoms for some time. This can affect the types of tools and resources that may be of assistance for you. We have just added a new Driving and Technology pillar. 

You can use the YOP-X App to: 

The YOP-X App also provides a fast track for people with young onset Parkinson’s to collect and collate information relevant to their NDIS applications – to get an NDIS application right the first time or help with your NDIS application reviews. 

The Six Pillars in detail

You may be experiencing times where everyday activities feel too difficult. Often the non-visible symptoms of young onset Parkinson’s are apathy, anxiety, and depression. Access strategies and tools to maximise your wellbeing. 

There are strategies that can assist you to remain in employment, and continue as a valued member of the workforce. You may require some readjustment, support and allowances for possible variation to your role. Assess where you are. 

Exercise can reduce the symptoms of young onset Parkinson’s and may slow its progression. Nutrition can also play a vital role, as your nutritional requirements may change over time. Update yourself on the latest research, or chose a workout. 

You may be doing Parkinson’s solo, be in a long-term relationship, or may have recently met your partner. Changes in relationship responses and functioning can come with Parkinson’s. Access strategies and supports as an individual or as a couple. 

While sleep may become even more important as your body restores itself, you may experience challenges with falling asleep, staying asleep and the effects of fatigue. Improve your sleep patterns, overcome fatigue and maximise your energy. 

The brain has the ability to change in response to stimuli and experience. Certain activities can encourage the brain to use the dopamine it has more effectively, and create changes in the brain that can impact positively.

Thank you to our participants

Thank you to everyone who participated in first and second rounds of national surveys on: 

  • Employment Experiences for People With Young Onset Parkinson’s 
  • Relationship Experiences for People With Young Onset Parkinson’s 
  • Sleep Experiences for People With Young Onset Parkinson’s 
  • Partner Relationship Experiences 
  • Pain Experiences for People With Young Onset Parkinson’s 

We are still collecting responses – to register your interest, or to complete surveys from the first round please get in touch.

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NDIS Wallet Overview

In an Australian first, the YOP-X NDIS Wallet provides an efficient way to consolidate everything that the NDIS needs to know about someone with young onset Parkinson’s. It has a step-by-step NDIS application built into it and exportable pdfs. It utilises a streamlined process to assist people to compile the impacts of Parkinson’s on their day to day. You can describe how your daily life looks on your worst day. This is a key requirement of the NDIS planning process once your application is approved. Additionally, The YOP-X App offers a goal-setting tool allowing for the collection of short-, medium- and long-term goals, another key requirement of accessing NDIS funding.

Photo NDIS Wallet