Young onset is similar but not the same as Parkinson’s diagnosed later in life.

Everyone has a set of symptoms that are distinctive to them, along with the personal choices they make to maintain their wellness. Embrace your individual experience but seek the support and resources available to help you navigate your journey.

Empowering yourself with knowledge and actively engaging in the management of your condition can alleviate the uncertainty, anxiety, or fear associated with diagnosis and prognosis. It can help you decide on the best medications, supports and treatments that work for your unique combination of symptoms in an informed way.

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What do I need to know?

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Family friends & carers

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Step-by-step NDIS

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Stories from those living with YOP

It is important to recognise that each person’s journey with young onset is inherently unique. Resist the temptation to compare your symptoms or progression with others diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Remember, you are not alone. It is crucial to maintain open communication with your care team, including your friends, family, workplace, and healthcare professionals, discussing any questions or concerns that may arise.