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Living well with Parkinson’s, especially when diagnosed at a younger age, involves adopting various strategies and “hacks” to navigate daily life. Here are some hacks from people living with young onset. Remember, humour and creativity can be powerful tools in facing Parky challenges. Turn the everyday into an adventure, and you’ll find joy and resilience in unexpected places.

Write down bothersome symptoms, any medication changes and how they’ve worked (noting side effects too).

  • Take note of how sleep amount and quality, too many carbs, lack of water, stress or whatever has affected you, and what you’ve done to fix this.
  • Use the notes section of your phone with dates so you can refer back to it when you catch up with your neurologist or Parkinson’s Nurse to save valuable time at appointments.
  • Transform symptom tracking into a positive journey: also you can note down small victories, funny moments, and personal achievements. Celebrate the progress!

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Dual task cognitive training doesn’t have to be rocket science. Have music on and sing while you are cooking. Do balance or gait exercises while using big movements, big voice and thinking tasks all at once!

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Embrace the occasional soft voice by turning your home into a futuristic space. Create a smart home with your appliances and lights on voice commands for a touch of tech-savvy fun.

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Transform your home… start with small changes that aim to reduce falls and make everyday living easier for you:

  • Get rid of potential obstacles on the floor (e.g. throw rugs and extension cords).
  • Leave plenty of space between pieces of furniture.
  • Get furniture that is the right height for you
  • Create clear paths and declutter throughout your home.
  • Have good lighting, especially from the bedroom to the bathroom for those nighttime visits.

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Try out new recipes or create your own Parkinson’s-friendly dishes. It’s a delicious way to stay engaged with your love for food and increases neuroplasticity.

Create a playlist with your favourite tunes that serve as a reminder to take your medications. Who says pill time can’t be a jam session?

Turn grocery shopping into a game. Challenge yourself to remember 10 things on your list and navigate the aisles with style, turning corners smoothly and grabbing items like you are on a mission.

Swap out traditional laces for elastic ones, turning your shoes into slip-ons. No more wrestling with knots when your fingers decide to rebel!

Transform tremors into a unique art form. Grab a canvas, some paint, and let your shakes create a masterpiece. Your personal art style is unmatched!

Invite friends over for a Parkinson’s-friendly yoga session. Embrace the wobbles and giggles as you all find your zen together.