I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s at the age of 45, and I have been living with the symptoms of young onset Parkinson’s for 14 years. I would prefer greater ease of getting to sleep, as this can take several hours and would also prefer to wake with energy rather than the exhaustion currently felt in the morning. I am averaging 5 hours of sleep at night and 1 hour during the day. My sleep patterns have changed since having young onset Parkinson’s, and my sleep patterns are also affecting my partner. Factors impacting on my ability to sleep include frequent awakening, talking or yelling out while asleep, pain and depression. Strategies that have been useful or could be useful in improving my sleep patterns include talking to a health professional, increasing exercise during the day, keeping busy during the day, avoiding exercise just before bed, limiting the amount of fluid I drink before bed to avoid night time urination, avoiding screen time before bed, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, avoiding stimulants such as alcohol caffeine and nicotine before bed, using satin sheets and pyjamas to assist with movement in bed, getting as much natural light during the day as possible, having a bedtime routine, limiting daytime naps, going to the toilet directly before bed, using my bed as a place for sleep and not for watching TV or reading, avoiding a heavy meal late at night, meditation and listening to music.